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fluIt’s the end of October. Halloween is right around the corner. While everybody is excited to dress up their kids and go trick-or-treating, a health risk is also creeping up on us: The Flu (yikes!). While the flu could be dangerous sometimes, the majority of patients could recover quickly with proper treatment and even just enough rests.

While prescription drugs could speed up your recovery, there are quite a few simple natural remedies that could help you relieve the symptoms at home. Keep these in mind for this flu season!

1. Drink water

One of the worst things the flu can do to your body is to dehydrate. If you have vomiting or diarrhea symptoms, that is even worse. That’s why staying hydrated is the most effective way to fight off the flu. Stay away from caffeinated drinks though. Caffeine is a diuretic which will make your urine take away more water. By observing your body, you can assess if you have drunk enough fluids. Your urine should be very light color or almost colorless.

2. Chicken soup

It’s been a remedy passed down through generations. Every time a kid is sick, their mom would make them a bowl of chicken soup. We all know that we feel better afterward, but is there any scientific reason for that? According to a study by Dr. Stephen Rennard at the University of Nebraska, chicken soup inhibited the migration of white blood cell that defends the body against infections. For that reason, having chicken soup really helps upper respiratory symptoms from the flu.

3. Get enough rest

When you are sick, you should get as much rest as possible. If you are too tired to exercise, don’t. If you are too tired to work, stay at home for the day. Spending the whole day in bed could be a great way to support your body fighting off the influenza virus. Also, good sleep will help your body immune system work more effectively so remember to have enough hours of sleep.

4. Humidify

If you have a stuffy nose and sore throat, breathing moist air could help ease that. Put an air humidifier or steam vaporizer in your bedroom before going to bed. You will wake up feeling much better without a stuffy nose.

5. Gargling salt water

Swishing and spitting salt water can really help with the flu. When you are sick, a thick layer of mucus collects at the back of your throat. Gargling salt water twice a day before and after sleeping can help reduce this.

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