Centennial Medical Group (CMG) offers a complete range of services and tests for our patients. In additional to standard preventative and wellness care, we offer comprehensive cardiac testing and bone density screenings, as well as therapeutic phlebotomies, IV therapy, and clinical injections.

Your Primary Care Physician will work with you to determine what tests you require for your medical care.

Entrust Your Health Care Needs to Us

The Primary Care department at Centennial Medical Group in Howard County provides comprehensive care for you and your family. As a patient of our primary care services, you will benefit from the extremely skilled members of our team, who work together to meet all your health care needs. Get superb health care made convenient and accessible when you come to us. With two locations, we can serve you no matter where you are located!

Types of Primary Care to Suit Your Needs

    • Family Medicine
    • General Internal Medicine
    • Pediatrics
    • Urgent Care
    • Allergy

Benefits of Using Primary Care

  • A Doctor’s Office Open 7 Days A Week, and Can Always See You
  • A Personal Health Plan Tailored to your Unique Situation
  • Patients who have a Primary Care Physician Experience Lower Annual Healthcare Costs

Why You Should Have a Primary Care Doctor

Primary care doctors achieve the difficult challenge of providing better health outcomes at a lower cost because of a series of basic principles of primary care medicine.

Ease and Accessibility and Entry Into Health Care

While you may need to wait several weeks to see a specialist, primary care providers will see patients quickly when you first develop a medical symptom. By evaluating the symptoms when they first appear, the problem can be diagnosed earlier and treatment is faster, more effective, and less costly.

Coordination of Care

Primary care providers will try to address many of your medical issues, and try to integrate them to see if the symptoms could represent a single problem rather than multiple separate problems. Many of your problems can be treated in one location, and only those problems that represent more complicated diseases need to be referred for more specialized care. Furthermore, because the primary care providers have experience with specialty physicians, the primary care providers can direct you to the specialist who is most likely to be able to help you with your problem.

Focus on Prevention

Primary care provider can help you avoid the need for medical care in the future by focusing on general health and establishing a solid program of preventive testing and screening evaluations. The primary care providers also focus on other issues that are important to your health such as reducing nicotine use, wearing seatbelts, helping you lose weight, and avoiding overuse of alcohol. These interventions help you prevent yourself from developing more severe medical conditions in the future.

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