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Patients have more medical options than ever to try and get the care they need. With an ever-growing amount of choices, it can be hard to consider a primary care physician, specialist, or another type of provider to address the medical needs of your family. That is why Centennial Medical Group is here to provide family care that helps to manage and treat any emergent health needs, perform preventive care, and ensure that patients get the help they for any advanced medical conditions!

If you want to enroll your family members in our special family care program, then make sure you call us directly at 410-730-3399 to get started! The team at Centennial is skilled in providing primary care, family care, and other forms of preventive care for patients of all ages!

What is family care? Is it the same as primary care?

According to the American College of Physicians, family care is a special type of care that focuses on the needs of a social unit, like a family, to evaluate a wider array of health issues, social impacts on health, and emergent conditions. Even though family care and primary care are developed from the same background, primary care focuses on adult care with the help of internists: special providers that focus on adult health needs. Conversely, a family care physician is skilled in pediatrics, primary care, and other forms of medicine to address population health needs for specific families.

Per the ACP:

…Internal medicine focuses only on adults (internists who wish to include the care of children in their practice may choose dual training in internal medicine and pediatrics, frequently referred to as “med-peds”; you can find out more about this career path). Required internal medicine training centers on common general medical conditions, but also includes significant experience in each of the internal medicine sub-specialties (such as endocrinology, rheumatology, and infectious diseases) and neurology. Trainees must also gain adequate experience in psychiatry, dermatology, ophthalmology, office gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, non-operative orthopedics, palliative medicine, sleep medicine, geriatrics, and rehabilitation medicine to comprehensively care for adults.

If you have further questions about family care practices and services offered by Centennial’s medical staff, please call today to learn more!


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