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Water makes up approximately 70 percent of the Earth and about 60 percent of the human body. Needless to say, water is a vital part of our everyday life. Having the knowledge to recognize the signs of dehydration or how to avoid it, is beneficial for the longevity of your health. You want to keep your body functioning without any issue for as long as possible. It all begins with drinking water. If it is a lifestyle change you are looking for or how to keep hydrated, here are a few recommendations to avoid dehydration!

Drink Water Consistently

Drinking water constantly and not once in awhile is a great place to start. The most simple way to avoid dehydration is to drink enough water. Of course age, gender, and a person’s metabolism can be a factor. However, the average person should drink at least 8, 8 ounce glasses of water daily. Drinking throughout the day while at work in intervals is a great method. Drinking huge gulps is not the best solution because you may find yourself running for the restroom soon after.

Dress According to the Weather

How you dress can affect the fluid levels within your body. During the summer months the hot days most likely result in you sweating and feeling more thirsty than usual. Picking your clothing based upon the weather is actually important. Lighter colors do not absorb radiation compared to darker colors. Also, cotton is a favorable choice that is beneficial to let your skin breath. A dark and thick sweatshirt is not ideal for a heatwave.

Drink More Water

In the summer, iced coffee and alcohol are two beverages that are more prominent during these months. They are also two diuretics that increase urination which causes the body to lose water resulting in dehydration. If coffee is something you cannot live without in the morning hours, drink a cup of water alongside the coffee. Same thing for alcohol! For every alcoholic beverage, have a glass of water ready to drink with it!

Indulge in Fruits and Vegetables

Produce are your go to sources of food to avoid dehydration. Vegetables and fruits have a high amount of water beneficial to your daily health. Incorporating produce along with drinking water will ensure proper hydration as well as the inclusion of vitamins and minerals. Chia seeds are great to add to any meal or salad because they absorb and retain water in the body!

The side effects that come along with dehydration such as dry mouth, cracked lips, fatigue, and dizziness are all avoidable. An individual who is consistent with drinking water and eating the appropriate foods will avoid the sensations of being dehydrated.

For more summer health tips, consult with a physician at Centennial Medical Group.  Call or stop by today!

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