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A Simple Guide To Prevent Eye Injuries At Workplace

eye gogglesEye injuries are very common at work. On average, approximately 2,000 cases of eye injuries occur every day. Of these injuries, 10-20% might lose their visions temporarily or permanently. Most of these happen where it is not required to wear safety eyewear. Many of these victims didn’t think they should wear protective wear, or wear safety gear that didn’t provide enough protection.

Eye injuries are easy to avoid if you are aware of all the risks. Follow this eye safety checklist below for instructions:

Safe work environment

  • Prevent unstable objects that could be potential hazards
  • Regularly check to make sure there are safety features
  • Train people to use the tools properly and safely
  • Restrict people without responsibility from hazardous areas

Assess potential hazards constantly

  • Perform routine checkups and assessments of work equipment
  • Maintain machinery, protective gear and worksite regularly

Wear proper eye and face protection

  • Choose the right eye and face protective gear for the job
  • Make sure the gear is in good condition
  • Make sure the gear fits well

Adopt safe work practice

  • Always shrug and brush off work debris and dust from your hair and clothes before taking off eye safety glasses
  • Avoid rubbing or touching eyes with dirty hands
  • Make sure eyeglasses are cleaned thoroughly and regularly


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