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Extended Weekday and Weekend Hours

Centennial Medical Group’s urgent care department provides same-day treatments to our patients who are in need of immediate medical care. We have an on-site lab ready to assist patients in need of urgent care services. The keys to effective urgent care services are timeliness and convenience, so contact our office in Maple Lawn, MD at any time if you have an urgent medical condition.

We Treat

Acute Illnesses
Joint and Muscle Injuries
Lacerations and Minor Burns

Prevent Disruptions to Your Schedule

Since the first urgent care centers opened in the 1970s, they have become an important cog in health care and continue to play a more important role in the well-being of the community. You have the option to see the doctor on your schedule; whether it’s bringing in your daughter for her sports physical after her soccer game or getting rid of a sinus infection while returning home from work. 90% of urgent care patients nationally are seen within 30 minutes; 85% are in and out in an hour.


What Are the Advantages
of Urgent Care?

  • Convenient, Efficient, and Cost-Effective Option for Health Care
  • Costs About 25% of a Trip to the ER
  • Fast, Skip the Long Lines at the ER
  • Higher Acuity Patients Can Be Seen in Urgent Care
    – For Example, Patients Needing IV Fluids, Splints, Stitches
  • High-Quality, Urgent Care Supervised by an ER Physician
  • Holiday Hours
  • Lab and X-Ray On Site
  • Weekend Hours Available
  • Your Visit Info Will be Sent to Your Primary Care Doctor


What Are The Advantages of Urgent
Care Over the Emergency Room?

  • 27% of Emergency Room Visits Could Have Been Seen In An Urgent Care.
  • Cheaper Co-Payments and Payment Options for Uninsured
  • Easier Access Locations
  • Faster Care
  • More Patient Friendly
  • Most Minor Respiratory Illnesses, Orthopedic Injuries, and Pediatric Concerns Can Be Handled in Urgent Care.
  • Patients Know When They Need the Emergency Room. 96% of the Time, They Are Correct When They Think Urgent Care is Needed.
  • Reasonably Priced Self-Pay Options for Participating Insurance Carriers
  • Safer Environment




Benefits of First Call
to Clients in Maple Lawn

  • First Call is a new breed of urgent care that can also handle your primary care needs. We will be providing normal primary care hours where you can see your primary care provider for health maintenance activities. You will also be able to be examined after hours for episodic care.


Advantages of First Call over
Traditional Urgent Care

  • CMG has been a pillar of the Howard County medical community for the last 20 years
  • If CMG is your primary care, we will have access to all your medical records
  • Open from Monday to Friday at 8 AM – 8 PM
  • Open on weekends at 8 AM – 5 PM
  • Outstanding clinicians with many years of primary care and urgent care expertise
  • We can be your primary care as well as take care of your urgent care needs
  • We value your money and health care dollars as a whole.
  • We value your time. Expect to see a doctor within 15 minutes of your arrival.



Get in Touch With Us

Skip the long lines at the emergency room and get timely and high-quality urgent care services supervised by an ER physician. Take advantage of our First Call Urgent Care! All patients have access to our walk-in urgent care department Monday through Friday for non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. We serve in different locations in Maple Lawn, MD and Elkridge, MD. After normal business hours and on weekends, you can contact us for urgent concerns through our answering service.

Need to Book an Appointment?

You can email us directly:

Or call 410-730-3399

No need to book an appointment for urgent care. Walk-in to any FirstCall location: MAPLE LAWN – GAMBRILLS-ELLICOTT CITY- ELKRIDGE