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Getting your child an annual check-up is essential to get a total overview of their health, development, and other critical health-related updates. For patients that can’t afford to wait for pediatric primary care options, Centennial Medical Group is ready to get your child comprehensive primary care services to maintain healthy development.

If you need to get your child a primary care appointment ASAP, please call us directly at 410-730-3399 or schedule their appointment by using this link. However, it is important to understand how Centennial can provide care and why it is important to maintain well-child visit for your younger children.

What is pediatric primary care? Why should I consider it for my child?

Pediatric primary care involves physical exams, routine check-ups, and long-term preventive care to ensure your child maintains healthy development. Unlike a pediatrician’s office, pediatric primary care services at Centennial are highly accessible and provide shorter-than-expected wait times for care. The types of needs primary care can offer your child includes

  • Height, weight, and development check
  • Preventive exams such as blood pressure screening
  • Vaccination services to boost immunity to infectious diseases, including measles
  • Review of physical fitness and nutritional needs your child needs
  • Referrals to any specialists your child may need

Where can I get primary care for my child in Laurel, MD?

Parents that need to get their child primary care should visit Centennial Medical Group in Laurel, MD. Our primary care providers are certified in high-quality bedside manner and strive to deliver the best patient outcomes. If you have even more questions call us directly at 410-730-3399.

Don’t hesitate on your child’s health needs by waiting for a primary care appointment. Contact Centennial immediately to get your child the care they deserve!

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