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Each of your pulses matches a heartbeat that pushes blood through your veins. Knowing your pulse/heart rate helps your doctor analyze how well your blood flow functions inside your body. You can feel how fast your heart is beating by feeling your pulse. Heart rate equals the number of heartbeats over a minute.

Normal heart rate while resting at adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. At some people who have more efficient heart function, resting heart rate could be 40 beats a minute.

You are not active enough

If you usually sit around or are inactive all day, your resting heart rate is likely to reach the higher end of the 60-100 range. While it is necessary due to any problem with your heart, it might be working inefficiently in pumping your blood throughout your body. By engaging in some light to moderate physical activity during the day, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your blood function and your heart health in general.

You are overtraining

While being not active enough is unhealthy, constantly pushing your physical capabilities over the edge can also damage your health in the long term. An increase in resting heart rate when you are heavily training and not resting enough can signal that you are overworking your heart. Giving the gym some necessary breaks and your body will get enough rest and bounce back stronger than ever.

You are not getting enough sleep

If you feel constantly exhausted all the time and only sleep for less than 6-7 hours a day, chances are you are experiencing sleep deprivation. This might cause fatigue, slower metabolism and more snacking. This can also raise your resting heart rate. Make sure you get enough sleep every night.

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