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Patients at Centennial Medical Center are familiar with the wide range of primary care services including routine physicals and long-term preventive care. Centennial Medical Center also provides intravenous treatment and therapy (IV) for patients that need to restablize by re-administering medications and fluids. IV allows the most vulnerable patients to safely maintain their overall health.

CMG primary and urgent care staff can help with any IV treatments, therapies, and related services to ensure you are getting the most comprehensive healthcare in your immediate community. If you have additional questions please visit our contact us page and reach out to the team. If you’re ready to book primary care for a potential IV need, simply click here or call us at 410-730-3399!

What is IV Treatment?

IV therapy is the process of using intravenous injection to help administer fluids, medications, and other important vital needs for your body. On a clinical basis, IVs can help vulnerable patients with diseases or other conditions to get fluids replenished at a normal rate. Additionally, an IV can help a patient that has trouble with one form of a medication to get it directly through an injection.

While IV treatments for casual therapy, like treating immediate dehydration or boosting energy, is a current trend we current recommend getting an IV for absolute medical need. Most medical providers use IVs to help stabilize a patient with a severe injury by re-supplying key fluids. Additionally, a IV can help sustain a patient’s vital fluids, and even food, whenever they have trouble keeping down water, food, etc. As we mentioned previously, an IV is for serious medical use that can significantly help a patient improve their overall health.

IVs are affordable and accessible at Centennial Medical Group for patients of all backgrounds. Please contact us today if you believe you need some from of IV treatment.

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