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Get updated flu shots at Centennial Medical Center in Laurel, MD

Flu season starts at the beginning of September and continues into the winter, which means patients without a flu shot are highly likely to get the disease and other unpleasant symptoms.

If you believe that you need a flu shot ASAP, then don’t hesitate to visit Centennial Medical Center in Laurel, MD! Our provider staff and physicians can quickly administer flu shots right before the peak of flu season! However, some patients may not be fully caught up on how, and why, flu shots are the best method for protecting your and your family during flu season!

How does the flu shot benefit me during flu season?

A flu shot helps protect patients against the latest strain of influenza each year by building immunity to the disease. Influenza adapts each year and changes to increase contagion, meaning that patients must get an updated flu shot in order protect against the disease.

Without the flu shot patients are likely to be at risk for the following symptoms including:

  • Cough, sneezing, and respiratory irritation
  • Fever and headaches
  • Chills and muscle aches
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Fatigue and sore throat

For some vulnerable patients the flu could also mean a hospital trip. Each year, thousands of patients are hospitalized by influenza even though the flu shot can protect these patient groups. Standard patients are also likely to miss several hours of school, work, and other daily responsibilities if they get the flu.

Luckily, patients located in Howard County can get fast and convenient flu shots at Centennial Medical Group. Additionally, our primary care staff can help treat and address immediate flu symptoms so you can control common effects of the flu such as runny nose, headache, and fevers.

How can I get my flu shot or flu treatment at Centennial Medical Group?

Patients can either call us directly or schedule an appointment through our online portal to plan their flu shot in advance at Centennial Medical group! Use the buttons right on the page to schedule your shot and plan your visit or simply call us at 410-730-3399. 

However, patients can simply walk-in and visit to get the care they need ASAP. Don’t wait for your flu shot and avoid the delay by getting it done at Centennial! If you have any questions about our services please look here to find out more about our primary care services.

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