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Be safe decorating your home for the holidays this year

If you are planning on decorating for the Holidays this year Centennial Medical would like to wish you good luck & hope you stay safe. Unfortunately, the holidays are known in urgent cares to be one of the busiest times of the year. This is due to a lot of accidents around the house due to cooking, cleaning & the biggest one of all Holiday decorating. If you and your family go above & beyond when decorating we applaud you but you should all follow these tips first to make sure no accidents happen.

Watch out for the lights

Holiday lights are one of the staples of the holiday season. Hanging lights around your house & outside can quickly turn your house from an average home to one of the best sights to see on your block. But have you thought about which lights are actually safe to hang up on your house? Luckily when purchasing holiday lights there will be a label on most lights that will explain whether they are safe for indoors or outdoors. Once you make the decision on that you should then consider buying LED lights. LED lights do not carry the heat that conventional lights do. This means that they have less of a chance of starting a fire if they are near something flammable.

Watch out for black ice

Christmas & New Years are at the beginning of winter so the temperature has dropped. It is important to know about the dangers of black ice. As most of you know black ice is a form of ice that is invisible to the eye at a glance because it is basically see through. A good way to combat black ice is to lay your driveway & sidewalk down with salt at night so in the morning the front of your house will be clear from black ice.

Lift heavy objects with caution

If you are bringing a Christmas tree into the house or a heavy object please use caution. Remember when lifting something heavy off the ground always use your legs. If you have an object that is very awkward in size have someone help you lift it. A lot of injuries can come from heavy objects falling on body parts & from people lifting heavy objects up in the wrong way.

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