Is your child going back to school again? Do you need an updated back-to-school physical ASAP in order to avoid a delay in their school year? Then make sure to visit Centennial Medical Center and book an appointment online!

Families located in Gambrills, MD can visit Centennial Medical to get fast and affordable back-to-school physicals for their children!

A back-to-school physical is required by public and private schools to re-enroll your child into the school year. However, it is also critically important to ensure that your child is developing healthy on an annual basis, just like other primary care services. The back-to-school physicals allows your child to experience the safest possible learning environment while at school and helps educational staff stay aware of any health updates.

What are back-to-school physicals helpful for your child?

A back-to-school physical are important to ensure that your child maintains healthy development and that school staff, including teachers and nurses, have all the necessary information available to ensure your child is healthy throughout the school year! A back-to-school physicals help to evaluate the status of important medical conditions for your child on a regular basis:

–  Measures height, weight, posture, and other physical attributes

– Measures blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, and other heart and respiratory health status

–  Reviews medical history including medication use, allergies, and chronic conditions as applicable.

Parents that need to provide their child with an updated back-to-school physical should consider visiting Centennial Medical to get any updated physicals. Patients just need to call us at 410-730-3399 to schedule an appointment!