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Are You Ready to Travel This Summer?

Summertime travel is a tradition that allows you to break away from the routine of daily life. Summer of 2020 was a letdown to say the least. Travel was restricted and considered extremely dangerous because of covid-19. While the pandemic is still technically happening, many states and countries have decided it’s safe enough to reopen their borders and allow travel to resume. After taking a year off, are you really ready to start traveling again? Ultimately the answer is up to you to decide but keep these things in mind to make a safe and informed decision regarding your summer travel plans! 

Assess Your Current Condition 

You shouldn’t travel if you’re currently experiencing any symptoms of injury or illness. People who are considered high-risk for COVID-19 should use extra caution before traveling too. The easiest way to assess your current medical status is to schedule a routine physical. You can visit a local urgent care center for a same-day comprehensive physical. The doctor performing your physical will review your medical history and current condition to determine if you’re high-risk for COVID-19 or not. 

Get Vaccinated and Tested 

There are multiple versions of the COVID-19 vaccine now available to the general public. Vaccines are approved for anyone over the age of 12. Some vaccines are given in two separate shots, spread out over 21 days. It takes 14 days after your second shot to be considered fully vaccinated. Allow yourself enough time to get fully vaccinated before your trip to make for safer summertime travels! Shortly before you leave, get a covid-19 test at a local urgent care center to ensure you’re not spreading the virus when you go. It’s also recommended to get tested between destinations if you have more than one stop planned during your trip. 

Travel to Safe Locations 

Research the location you want to travel to before going. Certain areas experience higher covid-19 case numbers at different times. The latest information can be found through local health departments and Some destinations require travelers to quarantine at the start of their trip too. Ultimately, summertime travel in 2021 is all about following the local guidelines and planning appropriately for any extra COVID-related delays. Travel restrictions are constantly changing depending on covid-19 cases, so recheck your information multiple times before the trip begins. Don’t forget to pack extra face masks, hand sanitizer, and your vaccine card! 

If you’re in need of a physical or COVID-19 testing, visit a nearby urgent care center today! You can even map out urgent care center locations during your trip in case you need any last-minute testing or treatment options while you’re away. Urgent care centers are the best resource for same-day care that’s quick, affordable, and reliable!

And make sure that for same-day walk-in clinic access and urgent care access you visit Centennial Medical Center! Our provider teams are always ready to provide treatment and prepare you for a safe flight!

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